Safer Highways is proud to announce that this year’s SH L!ve will be the sector’s first environmentally sustainable event.

This year we aim to eradicate all single-use plastics from our event as well as sourcing all of our foods, wherever possible, from organic and sustainable sources as well as all packaging for consumables being formed of recycled materials.

We are also encouraging all of our exhibitors to follow our lead and minimalise the amount of paper they use on their stands and instead utilise our soon to be launched app to provide delegates with information

Speaking at the launch of the strategy, Safer Highways Chief Operating Officer, Kevin Robinson said,

“Safer Highways has long championed making the workplace better for those who work on our roads and the environment better for those who use our roads on a daily basis, through our mental health and wellbeing strategies.

“We are privileged that we occupy a position of influence in both health and wellbeing and not just in our flagship mental health strategy

“As such, we, as an industry-wide representational body, must take the lead and encourage those we work with to do the same – let’s be honest we couldn’t hold an event serving pie and chips washed down with a pint of lager or a bottle of Coca-Cola.”

“We all have a social and moral responsibility to our children and our children’s children to ensure that we give them a world which is still fit to live in, and if. through our events, we can do that then I am proud to say that, as an industry, we have ‘done our bit’ no matter how small.

As well as moving to eradicate all single-use plastics from the event Safer Highways have:

  • introduced Bamboo Coffee Cups in their recharge zones
  • mandated sustainable healthy foods for delegates
  • ordered lanyards made from Recycled Plastic Bottles
  • designed delegate Badges Made from recycled paper
  • agreed with one of our key partners, Skanska UK, that they will provide reusable water bottles for every delegate which they will be able to fill at various water stations throughout the venue.
  • eliminated the need for exhibitors to have paper brochures at the event by commissioning a fully interactive event app

Mr Robinson also added,

“We have looked at the option of making the exhibition hall made completely from recycled cardboard shell schemes, although we understand this may be a massive undertaking from our exhibitors … but it is something that, if not this year, we will explore for future events.

“I am extremely proud of what, to date, Safer Highways has achieved and look forward to driving the subject of delivering a safe and sustainable network going forward and if our events can play a small part in that then both myself and the supply chain, through our board and council are proud to do so.”