Safer Highways is delighted to announce that the app for our flagship event, SH L!ve is now available to download.

As part of a bold move to make the event more environmentally friendly, we have replaced the traditional show guide with our very own app to minimise the unnecessary use of paper.

By using the app, delegates, have the ability to interface with exhibitors and speakers both prior to and during the day through our unique built in ‘message me’ feature.

Delegates also have the ability to create their very own custom event schedule for the day, which automatically sends push notifications to the individual throughout the event reminding them where they need to be.

This year we aim to eradicate all single-use plastics from our event as well as sourcing all of our foods, wherever possible, from organic and sustainable sources. All packaging for consumables are also being formed from recycled materials.

As well as moving to erase all single-use plastics from the event, Safer Highways have:

    • introduced bamboo coffee cups in their recharge zones
    • mandated sustainable healthy foods for delegates
    • ordered lanyards made from recycled plastic bottles
    • designed delegate badges made from recycled paper
    • agreed with one of our key partners, Skanska UK, that they will provide reusable water bottles for every delegate which they will be able to fill at various water stations throughout the venue.
    • eliminated the need for exhibitors to have paper brochures at the event by commissioning a fully interactive event app.


Click here to download the app.